• Train delay compensation
    A dramatic blaze at Vauxhall station has left commuters stranded today, with passengers describing the scenes of overcrowding as "carnage".

    Free airline Trains services were hit with delays after the huge fire broke out at 2.30am.

    Train refund
    Severe delays continued until 10am, as countless Londoners were seen crammed onto platforms on their way to operate.

    On Twitter South West Trains said: "A fire at Vauxhall station means trains through this station are subject to alterations.

    "Please use alternative routes to visit into London once we have limited services because of fire at Vauxhall."

    Commuters at Clapham Junction described the scenes of overcrowding due to severe delays as "carnage".

    The fireplace started on platforms 3 and 4, with dramatic pictures showing several firefighters still battle the incident within the daylight.

    'Only travel if absolutely necessary'

    In a image the track is seen to become severely burned.

    South West Trains warned commuters on social networking: "Only travel if absolutely necessary."

    Trains travelling into Waterloo station were cancelled since the fallout from the blaze continued.

    London Fire Brigade Station Manager John Ryan said: "Once the ability was isolated firefighters quickly started work to tackle the hearth.

    Trains are expected to be delayed until 10am

    "We're currently assessing simply how much electrical cabling may be affected and damping down pockets of fireside.

    "The fire will effect on travel today and we'd ask individuals to check before they travel."

    Five of the eight main lines available to trains were create useful.

    Riding on the bus station at Vauxhall seemed to be closed as a result of smoke billowing from the train track.

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